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Who can participate in Secret Stanza?
Secret Stanza is open to U.S. residents age 18 and older.

What is the deadline to sign up?
To participate in Secret Stanza, you must complete the sign-up form by 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, December 9.

When will I receive my giftee’s information?
You will receive your giftee’s information via email by December 11.

By when should I mail my gift?
We recommend mailing your gift by December 20 at the latest.

What type of gift do I get for my giftee?
By participating in Secret Stanza, you agree to purchase or make a poetry-related gift valued at up to $15 for your giftee. Interpret “poetry-related” how you wish: it can be anything from a poetry book, to a mug, to a custom illustration or poem you’ve created yourself, and beyond. Some participants provide details about themselves when signing up — it’s up to you whether you want to get them something that matches their interests or broadens their horizons.

What type of gift will I receive?
The surprise is part of the fun! Your Secret Stanza gifter may choose to get you something that aligns with your interests (if you provided them upon registration) or something completely different.

Is it really “secret”? Do I have to keep my name and information secret from my giftee?
The choice is yours. You can choose to reveal your name and information to your giftee or keep it totally anonymous.

What if the gift I sent doesn’t arrive? What if I don’t receive my gift?
The Secret Stanza team is not responsible for lost or damaged gifts, or gifts that were sent with insufficient postage. However, if your gift does not arrive, please let us know at admin@secretstanza.com and we will follow up with your gifter / giftee to investigate.

Who is behind the Secret Stanza project?
Secret Stanza was co-created by poets Douglas J. Luman and Jenni B. Baker, who are on a general mission to spread joy.